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Chittenden Research and Development, LLC is not a manufacturer, per se.  Our unique fastening systems are available only on a license basis, by purchasing from a licensed manufacturer, or on a custom manufactured basis.  Licenses are currently still available in many fields and for many geographic territories. 

 How We Work:

CR&D’s goal is to develop a specific solution for your organization’s fastening problem.  Therefore, we have developed an easy one-step-at-a-time procedure to help potential licensees develop a fastening solution with minimal risk. Although the process and cost will vary with each company’s needs and application requirements, there are typically five steps involved. 

  1. Parties execute a MUTUAL non-disclosure agreement (NDA).
  1. Potential licensees explain their application requirements and limitations for preliminary discussion.  In return, CR&D offers suggestions on the system(s) most likely to solve the problem and general proposals for customizing the solution.  Discussions at this point may be as general or specific as desired, but, of course, more detail will result in better recommendations.
  1. For a modest upfront consulting fee, CR&D develops one or more preliminary designs for a proposed solution.  This is typically presented as a combination of freehand sketches and Solid works three-dimensional models developed specifically for the problem at hand. 
  1. After review and discussion of the preliminary approach, the design is revised as necessary and presented in a limited edition “rapid-prototype” format for the licensees review. 
  1. Under an Option to License agreement, CR&D works with the client’s design team to develop a full production-ready solution.  In some instances, this may result in a simple set of mold inserts to be incorporated in an existing product mold: in other instances it may result in developing an entire production system for a new or revamped product line. 

The final licensing agreement may incorporate product specific intellectual property including additional utility or design patents, registered designs,trademarks, copyright protections, etc. Once a product is production ready, CR&D continues to provide technical, design, and marketing support on an as-needed consulting basis.