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LYNXTM SEF SYSTEMS provide a strong, durable, non-grabbing, economical alternative to hook-and-loop (Velcro®, Aplix®, 3M, YKK) and other closures including buckles and snaps
QwikGrip™ Multidirectional
V-LOK Self-Engaging Strap
D-LOK Edge closure    
Delta Attachable Surface

SEF Systems include an array of low-profile interlocking “islands” arranged in diverse geometric designs which self-align and interlock with undersides of opposing islands engaged.  The assembled portions are highly resistant to shear, tensile, or torque stresses, but can be readily released by peeling.  SEF Systems are economically produced using a bypassing die method.


SEF systems are scalable, include many design options,  and may be economically manufactured in a wide range of materials as stand-alone products or as integrally molded fastening zones.

EDGE FASTENERS are sewn or self-attached to fabric edges: providing a strong low-profile connection.  Alternative designs include sealed edge systems, slide operators, self-attaching/self-hemming systems, and variable degrees of flexibility. SEF Edge Fasteners may also be integrally molded as part of injection molded components.

SELF-ENGAGING straps, bands, and wraps provide a strong low-profile connection with intuitive adjustability.  They can be self attaching as shown here or provided as separate products attachable to fabric assemblies or hard goods. 

D-LOKTM and V-LOKTM designs may be either molded or economically die-formed of many common sheet materials.

MULTI-DIRECTIONAL SEFs, including QwikGripTM and Delta systems interlock in geometrical alignment to resist shear. These systems may be provided in various forms as stand-alone straps,buttons, or attachable fittings.  They offer a strong, durable, quiet, easy-to-use alternative to hook and loop.  SEF systems require a minimal positive engagement effort (vs. random grab) and are best suited for pre-aligned uses compatible with its intrinsic geometry.


Hook-and-Loop and other mechanical fasteners add thickness and bulk to products,have limited shear strength, weaken with repetitive use, grab inadvertently,easily clog, produce a rasping sound and incur the significant cost of assembling separate components.  LYNXTM SEF systems provide a thin, strong, durable, clean, non-grabbing, quiet, and economicalalternative.

SEF technologyis patented in the US, EU, AU, and CA, with other patents pending.