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LYNX™ Fastening Technologies
A Family of Unique and Economical Fastening Solutions
Lynx Fasteners offer attractive, economical, durable, and quiet alternatives to hook-and- loop (i.e. Velcro®, Aplix®, 3M®, YKK®), as well as mushroom fasteners, buckles, snaps and adhesives.  
SEF Systems

Durable, low profile, non-grabbing and quiet

Integrally moldable hook-and-loop hook zones eliminate assembly costs


  ZERO thickness straps and wraps

Medical, Sports, Footwear, Apparel,

Disposables, and more

Step-by-step guide to available licensing opportunities

Integrated manufacturing methods and assembly techniques

Chittenden Research and Development, LLC d/b/a LYNX™

Invents, designs, and develops unique solutions foreveryday problems from its studio in Vermont, USA.  Founded by architect Leonard Duffy in 1986,CR&D also provides consulting design services.  Current projects include household products,tools, furniture, retail and office products, disposables, and construction systems.